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From Maastricht to Urmond

From Maastricht to Urmond


From Maastricht to Urmond

Van Maastricht

Naar Berg aan de Maas / Urmond

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  • Afstand : 28.50 km
  • Coating : Halfverhard
  • Moeilijkheidsgraad : Makkelijk

Eijsden-Maastricht-Meerssen and Stein (Urmond)


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Welcome to the Dutch part of the Maas cycle route. You start off in South Limburg - a captivating region with a lot to discover. From historical cities such as Maastricht and Sittard and nostalgic villages such as Eijsden, Meerssen and Stein, with fantastic views over the banks of the Maas to charming, hamlets, nestling between farmlands and hills. Maastricht is highly recommended if you like culture. The Geul and Maas estate is at a distance of only a few kilometres from the Maas and is well worth visiting. You will find various castles, windmills and gardens here. South Limburg is also known for its many tourist attractions, innumerable events, excellent accommodation and its Burgundian culture. In short, there is much to experience and to discover ... The authentic ferries (Eijsden, Geulle and Berg a/d Maas) allow you to cycle from the Netherlands to Belgium and back in an afternoon... An absolute must!